Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Region of the National Model Railroad Association. Contacts for our Officers and Divisions are available on this site, as well as meeting locations and further information under individual Division listings. The Region includes Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and portions of South Dakota and Texas.

We are an organization of model railroaders who like to share the hobby with others in the prospect of just having fun. We welcome everyone from the beginner to the advanced modeler and from kids in their earliest years to well into their retirement. We provide the common interest from every scale, prototype or free-lance. As a National organization, we support the efforts to standardize the industry so as modelers may enjoy the benefits of compatible types of equipment, electronics, and standards from all manufacturers. About 99% of what we're about is at the local Division levels where we meet in smaller informal groups to share ideas and experiences. We help each other and especially those who are learning – which turns out to be 100% of us, but again, mostly just to have fun.

Gary Myers - RMR President

The Rocky Mountain Region Callboard Spring Edition 2016


The Rocky Mountain Region now has it's own official Yahoo E-group.

The board believed that we need to foster real-time communication in line with other Regions and created this group. The group is managed by the Communications Committee (Callboard, et al).

To join please follow this link: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/rmrnmra/info

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